Our classes are categorized as Demonstration or Hands on.

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Jr. Chefs 8 -12 (8 Week Program)


Our goal is to instill the joy of cooking for our Jr. Chefs.  We build confidence and independence by teaching cooking skills.  We teach them how to cook foods in away that is both nutritious and delicious.   All NEW students get a Chef jacket and there is a certificate graduation  party  on the last day.  

Teen Chefs 13 - 17 (8 Week Program)


Cooking is a basic life skill that is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We really go out of our way to teach teens skills as well as develop their palate and introduce an awareness of healthy cooking methods.  All  NEW students get a Chef jacket  and there is a graduation party on the last day. 

Adults Cooking Classes


We love our home cooks who just want to learn everything from making pasta, bread and different ways of cooking what they like with wholesome ingredients.  

Enrichment Classes for Schools & Special Needs


This will be the best field trip ever.  The kids love to come here not only because of great food we prepare but because they are able to relax learn and eat!  Scroll down to see our sample menu.

Private Group Classes for Cooking Healthy Plant Based Eating


Plant based eating classes for those who want to learn new ways of cooking balanced meals, new ways of making foods you love with friends and family.  It is amazing what vegetable and fruits can be turned into.

Scroll down to see our sample menu.  

Prep Cook Program with ServSafe Option & Internship Option


This Program will prepare you to work at an entry level position as a Prep Cook in a commercial kitchen. There are ServSafe and internship opportunities available.  We also welcome home cooks to this program who are looking to acquire new culinary skills.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are looking for a career change or interested in getting into 

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Sample Menus

Enrichment Program Sample Menu (Baking) (pdf)


Enrichment Program Sample Menu (Cooking) (pdf)


Vegan Sample Menu (pdf)


Cooking classes

We offer a wide variety of short scheduled cooking classes for Adults, Children, and Culinary Professionals taught by Chef Nadia Guzman, owner and Certified Executive Chef and her team of professional Chefs under her supervision. Our classes are categorized as demonstration or hands on. Demonstration classes are designed as an observation class, participants watch while the chef explains and shows recipe preparation and cooking techniques. The hands on classes are full participation classes. Students take part in practicing techniques and preparing menu items


What to expect

What to Expect in our classes:

  • Classes are 2 to 2 ½ hours, unless otherwise noted
  • You will work with other students. Usually groups of 4
  • For our Hands-on classes you will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class
  • Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back
  • You will enjoy a sample taste of every dish
  • Recipes of all Menu items will be distributed to class participants


Students with Autism

Autism Students: Culinary Arte will work and support certain challenges associated with this population such as: Focus, Loud Noises, Verbal/Visual Instruction, Working with Others, to name a few. However, our program is not open to individuals who exhibit physical or verbal behaviors that are disruptive or harmful to themselves or others. A more detailed registration form will be required for these classes.

Chef Nadia Guzman

Refund Policy Class Cancellation

Culinary Arte reserves the right to cancel an event or class due to low enrollment or other circumstances that would make the event or class non-viable. Participants will be notified via email or phone and may elect to receive a full refund, or a class credit for events or classes, Culinary Arte may cancel the event or class up to three days in advance.


For events or classes, students cancelling 48 hours before the start time are eligible for a refund (less a 10% processing fee) or a credit voucher (100% of purchase price). All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee.